The Beach

 RM 90 per person


The Boat

Small round (4min) RM 150 per person

Big round (8min) RM 180 per person


RM 250 per person

(big round with video)


Additional Info:

1. Additional RM150 for GoPro inclusive a memory card.

2. Beach parasailing, we start and end at the beach. Same goes for boat parasailing, you will start and end on the boat at a middle of the ocean.

3. For beach parasailing, it sails around 3mins with a maximum of 2 persons. It is recommended for you to sail with the instructor for safety precaution.

4. For boat parasailing, it sails around 8mins with a maximum of 3 persons.

5. Children from age 5 and above must be accompanied by their parent or instructor.


Jalan Pantai Cenang, Langkawi

 Kedah, Malaysia 

+6019 757 0019

+60111 625 7088

Open Daily: 9am until 7pm

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Toro Watersports

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